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Mobile Future Forward is the most intellectual conference   CEO and founder, Connected Watch Company


It is a terrific event. Mobile Future Forward is causing everyone to think about what's the next big thing   CEO, Global Mobile Operator


The caliber of participants is extraordinary. Mobile Future Forward is a data driven event, the team has put together so much hard to find factual data that is unrivaled anywhere in the industry in terms of building the foundation of facts for analysis. I normally don't learn new things at events but at Mobile Future Forward, I did.  North American Leader, IoT and Mobile, IBM


Dr. Ali Farhadi

Dr. Anand Rao
Partner - AI

Biju Nair
Hyla Mobile

Brian Modoff
EVP - Strategy and M&A

Ed Tang
Cofounder and CTO

Glenn Lurie

President and CEO
AT&T Mobility

Greg Gewickey
VP - Emerging Technology
Warner Bros

Ina Fried
Chief Technology Correspondent

Dr. João Barros
Professor, Founder, CEO

John Aisien

Lisa Hook

M Sethu
President - Mobile Services

Marachel Knight
SVP - Wireless Network Architecture
AT&T Inc.

Matt Grob
EVP - Technology

Dr. Mylea Charvat

Dr. Robert Zhang
CoFounder and President

Rohit Ghai

Dr. Saeed Abu-Nimeh
CEO and Founder

Dr. Seizo Onoe

Dr. Shahin Farshchi
Lux Capital

Shelly Palmer
Palmer Group

Steve Banfield
ReachNow (BMW)

Steve Raymond

.. more to come

Connected Intelligence: Man, Machine, and Platforms


In fifteenth-century Italy, there was a surge in incredible creativity, effects of which resonate to this day. The source was the Medici family in Florence who funded inventors, creators, scientists, philosophers, artists, and architects which led to the convergence of brilliant minds and made Florence the cradle of the Renaissance. The breaking down of the barriers across domains, disciplines, cultures led to one of the most influential periods in human history. At the dawn of the Connected Intelligence Era, we feel the same surge of new ideas, the coming together of disciplines and domains, with amazing breakthroughs on the horizon that will transform the future of mankind.


As we look at the technology and business model stack, we see the incredible progress in access networks that can provide Gbps of speed and negligible latency, autonomous intelligence that can think like humans, robots that can increase efficiency 1000x, brain-machine interfaces that make us super-humans, the ingestibles that help us live longer, the sharing economy that helps level the playing field, the virtual and augmented reality world that let us explore the cosmos of possibilities beyond our wildest imagination, business models that restructure our cities, and much more.


At Mobile Future Forward, we endeavor to explore the magic that happens at the intersection and collision of disciplines, ideas, and industries. The theme of this year's summit is Connected Intelligence: Man, Machine, and Platforms. We will not only look at the ecosystem stack that is adjusting feverishly to the tsunami of inventions from around the globe but also the new platform ecosystems that are gestating. Platforms and ideas that gain mass and momentum can transform the human narrative. Experiences that looked impossible 10 years ago are taken for granted today.


The magic of serendipity happens at the edges, at the intersections of domains and industries. The amalgamation of technologies and industries is what is driving the early phase of Connected Intelligence: IoT, AI, AR/VR, Quantum Computing, Cloud Robotics, HMI, BMI, Blockchain, Policy, Cybersecurity, 5G, Virtual Computing, and much more. We will try to peel back the curtain of the next decade to see what might be coming our way that will enhance our lives and change the way business is done across domains.

The distinguished guests of the forum will discuss wide-ranging topics. We welcome you to join us in the journey and contribute to the discussions that will help shape the industries and economies worldwide.


Limited Seats. First come, first served.


We look forward to seeing you in September.


Chetan Sharma

Chief Curator

Mobile Future Forward




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