Mobile Future Forward Executive Summit

It is a terrific event. Mobile Future Forward is causing everyone to think about what's the next big thing. CEO, AT&T Wireless


I love that there is no fluff and that I am not hearing marketing pitches but real tech and product leader opinions.   SVP, Starbucks


Mobile Future Forward is a fascinating event. It connects a lot of high-level people with very progressive thinking and it is at the cutting edge of how technology is absorbed.  Managing Partner, Siris Capital

     Hear what our attendees think about the summit  

Dr. Alan Briancon

Ankit Jain

Partner and Founder
Gradient Ventures

Alex Rogers
EVP and President
Qualcomm Technology Licensing

Allison Clift-Jennings
CEO and Founder

Carlos Domingo
Founder and CEO

Christian Von-Reventlow
Chief Digital Officer
Deutsche Telekom

Christy Wyatt
Dtex Systems

Chuck Davis
CTO and Founder
Element Data

Dr. Cory Kidd
CEO & Founder
Catalia Health

Ed Fernandez

Heidi Lehmann
Chief Commercial Officer

Helen Ojha
Cofounder and EVP of Strategy
Collinear Networks

Ina Fried
Chief Technology Correspondent

Dr. James Thompson

Karl Rauscher

Dr. Jason Hoffman
CEO and Founder

Jeff Curry
Former VP
Ferrari, Jaguar

Lo Toney
Advisor, Google Ventures
Founding Managing Partner

Plexo Capital

Mohamed Kande
Vice Chairman

Neville Ray

Om Malik
Venture Partner
True Ventures

Pratik Soni
CEO & Founder

Rob Topol
5G Business & Technology


Dr. Sailesh Chutani

Seizo Onoe
Chief Technology Architect

Dr. Shahin Farshchi
Lux Capital

Thaddeus Arroyo
AT&T Business

Thomas Kurian
President - Product Development

Wilson Rothman
Senior Editor

.. more to come

Connected Intelligence: Exponential Ecosystems


We are living through the golden era of technology that Nikola Tesla envisioned almost 100 years ago - Connected Intelligence. Different pieces of the puzzle in 5G, AI, Autonomous, IoT, Digital Business Models, Robotics, Blockchain, VR/AR, Commerce, Industry Verticals, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, New Interfaces, On-demand Services, and more, are coming together to form Exponential Ecosystems.


Each ecosystem is on an exponential trajectory, but the real disruption is happening at the edges wherein these ecosystems collide and collaborate to give birth to something new and unexpected. For example, 5G and AI is going to be transformative to how services are delivered, and applications are experienced; or how Blockchain and IoT solve the cybersecurity problems that seem to compound every minute; or how Robotics shapes the retail and healthcare industries. For the first time in human history, we have more than 100 companies generating more than a billion dollars from mobile digital services.


At Mobile Future Forward, we will explore these Connected Intelligence interactions and intersections of exponential ecosystems to help us understand the opportunities and challenges in front of us.

The distinguished guests of the forum will discuss wide-ranging topics. We welcome you to join us in the journey and contribute to the discussions that will help shape the industries and economies worldwide.


Limited Seats. First come, first served.


We look forward to seeing you in October.


Chetan Sharma

Chief Curator

Mobile Future Forward




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